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These are just a few of the large number of CD's produced by Mogul!

Mogul Music has a huge catalog of music, produced both for themselves and for others - featuring a wide blend of styles and sounds. Instrumental jazz, Lifestyle music, childrens music, Wellness music, as well as contemporary Christian music - and now, Mogul has produced 12 CD's of music to go with the hugely successful 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' books! Mogul Music - check it out!

HOLIDAY COLLECTION and HOLIDAY CLASSICS - both collections include a 2 CD set - soft, acoustic versions of America's Holiday Classics - beautiful instrumental arrangements of traditional favorites benefiting the Toys For Tots program.

DAY AT THE SPA - Soothing and uplifting music gives you a taste of the 'spa experience' even when you can't be there in person! Kight a candle, sit back and pamper yourself!

MEDITATION - relax while the tone and chord progressions help you move your mind, body and soul to places you love. After a stressful day, you might even want to play these tunes to help you sleep!

TROPICAL NIGHTS - Jazzy island rhythms and upbeat melodies make this collection a year-round favorite for beach lovers. 'Kokamo' sets the stage for 18 songs that will immediately put you in the vacation mood - no matter where you are.

SINGING IN COLOURS - the new retrospective
from Scott "Scooter" Nelson is a 17 song collection
of some of his favorite projects he's sung over the
years. Many co-written and all produced by him.
Lots of guest stars and styles. A labor of love new for 2007.

THE DIAMOND BROTHERS - Baseball Songs! A collaboration with our friend Rick Lepire (a San Diego high school baseball coach). Celebrating the National Pastime, Americana, Family and the love of the game.
CLASSICAL MUSIC FOR KIDS - from the Music Workshop For Kids. Ten classic pieces for your kids to love and discover!
LIVE AT THE BEAN - The Kenny Holmen Trio do it again! What started off as the Mogul guys goofing around with Kenni ended up with this great live set that captures the spirit of the evening. Relax and enjoy it all over again!
HELLO ON THE GO - Another in a series for the Children’s / Family label 'Baby Boom'. Our creative group ( Musicworkshop for Kids ) has done CD's in this field since 1993. This is #5 and features some fun stuff for kids to listen, and connect with. We have won 'Parents Choice', 'American Library' and 'Emmy Awards' with this group. This particular CD was awarded the Silver Medal by Parents' Choice 2002. Intelligent music for Intelligent Kids!
SAXOPHONE SERENADE - Great, original melodies done a while ago with our friend Kenni Holmen. Kenni is one of the finest saxophone players in the world today, whose credits range from Prince & Janet Jackson, to Doc Severnson. Cool instrumental stuff!

To purchase CDs, drop us a line and/or send $15.00 ( includes shipping and handling ) to:

Mogul Music
P.O. Box 27232
MN 55427