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MOGUL MUSIC would like you to enjoy some of our favorite web sites and introduce you to some our friends:

Kenni Holmen - Best friend... Best Sax player...Simply the best.

Duplication Factory - Our man "Q" takes care of all our duplication needs! Great people, prices and personal service. What more do you want when making CDs or DVDs?

Tremendous! Entertainment - Colleen Needles Steward's Production Company. We are on our 10th year of working music magic for Colleen and her great company.

Hayward Rentals - Our Vacation Northwoods rental property!!! "Peaceful Point" is world class lake living! You gotta check this out!!!

The 318 Club - A special little place we love to play live!

The Dakota Grill - Our favorite Jazz club in Minneapolis. Great place to play! Great place to eat! Coooool.

Robert Robinson - Our favorite inspiration & good friend...and Oh Yea, He sings like you can't believe a human can.

Gordy Johnson - Bass player to the stars & beyond.

Paul Peterson - Bass player / Singer / Writer / Producer friend.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Adult Baseball Camp website...Scooter's favorite place outside the ocean.

iprschool.com - A great Music production & Recording College in Minneapolis...Run by our friend Tom Tucker and many of our buds are on the faculty.

stevencmusic.com Good Buddy Steve Anderson's Musical Empire.

Prudence Johnson - Great Singer, Song stylist and creative pal.

GoSH! Design - Our web people.


If you think YOU should be on our list, email us or drop us a line:

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