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Mogul Music is equipped for all your musical requirements - take a look at our state of the art equipment list!

MOGUL MUSIC Studio Gear List

Digidesign Pro Tools HD 192 Expanded - Plug-ins include: Focusrite, Reverb One, Waves, Antares Autotune, Echo Farm, Bomb Factory, Compressors, Amp Farm and many more!

Apogee AD8000 converters Digidesign HD 192

Mac G5 dual with OS 10 and flat panel monitoring, multiple fire-wire drives

Control 24 (Digidesign) mixing surface

Monitors - Genelec, JBL, Yamaha

Amps - BGW

Preamps - Bellari, Great River

Alesis 20 bit ADAT

Panasonic 3800 DAT

Sony CD

Microphones -

  • Neuman U87 and KM-58s
  • Sennheisers
  • AKGs
  • Shures
  • Langevins
  • and more!

Percussion -

  • Roland V-Drums expanded
  • Boom Alley Studio Kit with Ziljan and Paiste cymbals
  • Roland Octopad with Emu Procussion
  • LP Congas and Bongos
  • Many miscellaneous percussion instruments
Keyboards and Modules -
  • GigaStudio with Gigapiano
  • Korg Triton ProX
  • Kurzweil 2500R expanded
  • Emu ESI-4000 expanded
  • Roland JV-2080 expanded
  • Korg TR
  • Alesis QSR expanded
  • Emu Proteus expanded
  • Korg M1 expanded
  • Roland D-50
  • Yamaha DJX
  • Mackie 1202-VLZ-Pro